The "Colli La Pezza" menu contains the most typical and ancient local tastes and it changes on the basis of agriculture products that the season offers. Our dish, or it better to say our famous and traditional dish, is a vegetables soup called "minestra 'mmaritata", but at the same time we offer a vast choice of dishes from the starters to the sweets. For instance we have home made pasta called cavaiuoli, cicatielli that you can test laianelle with beans. After and beside pasta we can offer original second dishes like spezzatino all'arianese, lamb, chicken and rabbit with cacciatore sauce to conclude with a typical and historic dish with peppers, potatoes, sausage and eggs. Besides we serve abundant starters with meats mozzarellas and ricotta produced in a dedicate farm of our trust, that you can visit during your permanence in Ariano Irpino. At the same time, it is possible to purchase these products on the spot. Coming back to our farm, we usually conclude the menu with home made sweets like jam tarts, lemon biscuits accompanied by grappa, limoncello and nocino always made in our farm.